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Abdominoplasty is carried out to remove disturbing sagging in the abdominal region. Sagging skin, which can occur in women after birth or after extreme weight loss, is removed to restore the original image.

Middle and lower abdomen skin, excess fat tissue and sagging parts are removed together in abdominoplasty. If there are lose muscles or muscles that have opened to the sides, these are also tightened with the help of stitches. This way the bulbous image in the stomach region is also removed.

Will there be scarring after abdominoplasty?

Since skin surgery is carried out with a lift from up to down, there will be a horizontal scar in the bikini region .

Can abdominoplasty remove birthmarks?

Since the stomach skin is lifted from up to down, birthmarks under the stomach can generally be removed.

Who is the most suitable candidate for abdominoplasty?

People who have an almost normal body and weight distribution ut cannot get rid of excess fat and skin in the stomach region despite exercise and diet, are suitable candidates. If the stomach skin got saggy or lose or if the skin lost its elasticity after a few birth, abdominoplasty can be recommended.

Is it possible to get pregnant after abdominoplasty?

This process is carried out by lifting the sagging and lose skin, this is why it is not recommended to get pregnant after that. Women who want to get pregnant again should talk to their doctors prior to abdominoplasty.

What kind of result is expected after abdominoplasty?

The physical appearance will change a few days after surgery. After the edema are lost, the new body lines will become visible and the patient will regain self-confidence.

Does abdominoplasty have any disadvantages?

Better results may be achieved with an experienced doctor but as in all operations there is also the possibility of complications. Infection and bleeding are rarely seen problems. Since smoking delays the healing process it is not recommended to smoke.

Does the patient undergo anesthesia?

The surgery may take up to 3-4 hours, depending on the degree of difficulty. The patient is mildly sedated prior to surgery, after which a full anesthesia is applied.

What happens after abdominoplasty?

Edema, pain and a feeling of tension is normal for a few days after surgery. Your doctor may recommend you pain killers for that. The patient will be helped to walk in the early stage. Since most of the stitches are blind stitches, they do not need to be removed. After reducing the dressings, the patient is dressed in a corset. It is recommended to wear this corset for 1-1.5 months.

When can the patient return to normal life after abdominoplasty?

Some of the patients are able to resume work 2 weeks after surgery. The complete healing process may take several weeks. The scarring in the stomach region get paler and less evident. Light exercise to strengthen the stomach muscles may be recommended after the check-ups.