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Plastic Surgery

  • Mega Liposuction Turkey

    Mega Liposuction Turkey Until recently, liposuction was not considered a weight loss method, but an operation in which the body is reshaped by removing fat in certain regions. But this has changed...

  • Abdominoplasty

    Abdominoplasty is carried out to remove disturbing sagging in the abdominal region. Sagging skin, which can occur in women after birth or after extreme weight loss, is removed to restore the origina..

  • Liposuction (Fat Removal)

    Liposuction, which is also known as fat removal, is the vacuuming process of fat tissue that is located right under the skin surface. It is used to reduce fat in any region of the body. Can liposuc..

  • Breast Reduction

    Some women have overly voluptuous and large breasts, which affects not only their social life but it can also lead to psychological disorders. It can cause many negative physical problems such as he..

  • Breast Augmentation

    Breast Augmentation Surgery Women want to have breasts that look aesthetically beautiful. Situations that bother women most are reduced breast size due to weight loss after birth or single or doubl..

  • Prominent Ear Aesthetic

    The normal ear lobe is located at an angle of less than 25 degrees from the side of the skull. This distance is approximately 2 cm. All these values are approximate. When these figures are exceeded,..

  • Eyelid Aesthetic

    The changes that occur over time such as wrinkles, bagging, sagging and swelling on eyelids playing a key role in facial expression cause people to look sad, tired and older than they actually are. ..

  • Face Lifting

    The effect of gravity, sunlight, and the stress of daily life cause signs of aging on people's faces. In the form of deep lines, wrinkles, folds and fat deposits, they appear on and around eyelids, ..