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Face Lifting

The effect of gravity, sunlight, and the stress of daily life cause signs of aging on people’s faces. In the form of deep lines, wrinkles, folds and fat deposits, they appear on and around eyelids, mouth, cheeks on face and below chin and on neck. With the effect of aging or genetically, the facial tissues decrease and weaken and hang in the direction of gravity through the bones of the face. Endoscopic facial rejuvenation surgery is performed without leaving a visible incision on the face as much as possible while lifting the face. It is one of the relatively new methods that has been developed to rejuvenate the face. It is performed by looking from the screen with the help of endoscopic camera by entering through small incisions hidden inside the hair. It has been applied for approximately 10 years. It is one of the best techniques used to correct sagging on face and eyebrows.

This technique is used not only to make the face young, but also to beautify it in accordance with today’s beauty. In other words, the integrity and beauty of the face are provided by completing some formations which are missing from the birth. At the same time, sagging and loosening due to aging are corrected and a younger and more dynamic image is obtained. So, this technique is used for both for rejuvenation and beauty.

With the development of digital camera systems, thanks to the latest system endoscopic cameras used, the image becomes less-than-stellar during operation; it makes it easy to access large areas by entering through small incisions. This allows us to use surgery techniques comfortably.

Endoscopic surgery technique is applied in many areas of medicine. This technique, which is also called as closed surgery or bloodless surgery among people, is widely applied in general surgery, urology, gynecology and orthopedics. Now it is used in plastic and aesthetic surgery to make operations without large incisions, that is without leaving traces. Endoscopic surgery technique is used in facial rejuvenation, eyebrow lifting, forehead rejuvenation, neck rejuvenation, and facial prosthesis placement applications. The surgical technique to be applied is selected after the patient’s needs are determined by pre-operative planning and combined as required.

In old-style face lifting surgeries, the facial tissues are stretched only upwards and backwards. The face is in a three-dimensional structure. Therefore, face lifting procedure should be performed in three dimensions. In the two-dimensional classical face lifting, if the tissues are pulled only backwards and upwards, an artificial expression is formed on the face as a wind tunnel.

In this technique, not only the face is lifted upwards and backwards, but also the sagging cheek tissues are pulled up through inside cheeks, allowing the cheeks and face to be filled like filling a pillow cover and the face is lifted frontward that is the third dimension. There is no injection of tissue from the outside or injection of a substance like silicone or a cheekbone prosthesis into cheeks. That is, the cheeks are made fleshy without any external material being placed. As a result, the face is lifted upwards, backwards, and frontward and rejuvenated in three dimensions.