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Lip Filling

Lips are the expression of youthfulness, innocence and femininity. Especially for us, women, the fleshy lip is very important. We want to wear lipstick. We want the color of the lipstick to match our dress. Sometimes we want to have fleshy lips without wearing lipstick. As our age progresses, we are trying to enlarge our lips with a pen. We do not want our lips to wrinkle; we do not like lipstick remain within these wrinkles. This situation eliminates the pleasure of makeup.
Patient name: Şengül Boybaş

What is lip filling?

The method used to thicken and make the lips fleshy for people whose lips are congenitally thin or become thinner as the age progresses and make the person unhappy and the materials used in this process are called lip filling. The most commonly used material is hyaluronic acid.

Why is lip filling used?

Cosmetic surgeons use temporary lip filling for lip aesthetics the most. The content of fillers is also found in the structure of human skin which we call hyaluronic acid. As the age progresses, there is a loss of skin elasticity due to reduced secretion by the body. This is a molecule that retains water. It is highly compatible with the human body. It melts over time without any side effects. For each hyaluronic acid-containing filler, the quality of the company is important. Lip filling is not made to the same standard places in everyone. For example, some people’s upper lip folds are very unclear. First, they are made clear. In some people the rim is downwards. It is supported. For some, the red part of lip is unclear. It is mainly made to that region. In the meantime, the age factor and colors, tastes are also taken into consideration. You need to provide an aesthetic look. The thickness of fillers is variable. The most suitable lip filler for clarification of the lip lines and edges are those with medium thickness and elasticity. Thus, lip functions are preserved. We’re not far from naturalness. Especially for women over the age of 40 I prefer this type of filling. For the most part, our goal is to restore the lip rather than make it seem fleshy. I prefer thicker fillings to fill the fleshy part of the lip.

Lip filling application process

Lip filling application is a 5-minute process, but in my opinion applied techniques, preparation and massage stages are very important. I don’t prefer local anesthetic injection because it causes more swelling on the lip. I use local anesthetic cream. It is very important to apply ice before and after the procedure both to prevent swelling and stop bleeding immediately. After waiting for an appropriate time, the distribution of the filling with the massage allows the filling to spread evenly across the entire lip. The lip lines are then injected with some filler for lip contour. One of the best aspects of lip fillings is the immediate appearance of the result. Although the results of the Botox application are seen after a few days, lip filling immediately manifests itself. Therefore, the person who has completed filling application immediately becomes happy. According to the feedback I receive from many of my patients, people around them see the change in them and state “you have become younger and more beautiful.”