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Mega Liposuction Turkey

Mega Liposuction Turkey

Until recently, liposuction was not considered a weight loss method, but an operation in which the body is reshaped by removing fat in certain regions. But this has changed. Liposuction techniques have improved enormously, as have the instruments used. And anesthesia and intensive care possibilities have also progressed allowing for much more fat removal.

What does Mega Liposuction mean?

Mega-liposuction, also known as High Volume Liposuction, is an operation in which at least 6 to 7 liters or more of fat is taken out of the body in one surgical session.

Who are the good candidates for the Mega Liposuction?

Patients whose removal of 3-4 liters of fat will not produce the intended result in conventional liposuction surgery. Patients that are above normal weight, that do not diet, do not want to undergo stomach surgery and cannot play sports. They should not have problems with pre-operative health checks. They are the best candidates that will leave with a happy smile.

What are the benefits of Mega Liposuction?

With Mega-liposuction up to 15-20 liters of fat can be taken out in a single operation. Taking out such a large amount of fat will reshape the body completely

Patients with diabetes will see a major development in their treatment due to the excessive amount of fat that has been removed from the body.

Fat is a tissue that stores estrogen, which decreases the libido in male patients. By removing the excess fat, their libido is noticeably improved because of an increase in the testosterone level after surgery.

A decrease in body weight will increase the patient’s mobility, which will help him or her to do sports easier.

The positive change in body appearance after surgery increases the motivation for dieting and a healthy lifestyle.

What conditions are needed for Mega Liposuction?

In order to reduce the risks and complications of this surgery, the following basic conditions are required:

A surgeon who is experienced in liposuction techniques;
An experienced anesthesiologist;
A qualified hospital with the high-end equipment that is necessary for this kind of operation;
Experienced nurses and assistant staff who are well trained specifically in mega-liposuction techniques;
An appropriate patient selection
What are the risks of Mega Liposuction?

It has the same risks and complications as conventional liposuction when the above conditions are met.

Can Mega-liposuction be combined with another operation?

If the patient’s health condition permits it, it is possible to perform abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) and breast uplift / or reduction surgery in the same session. You can get more info about the combined procedures