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Nose Filling

Nose filling is a non-surgical aesthetic method used to shape the nose. Filling is usually used to remove concavities on the face or any part of the body. But it is a method that is easily applied in the nose.

With nose filling, many nose problems such as nasal hump, nasal back, nasal asymmetry can be easily removed. It can easily be performed in a short time under clinic conditions. A patient who had previously had a nose surgery can easily undergo this surgery.

Nose filling is permanent on average between 5-10 years. It is not good for the patient to prolong this period. After a while, the filling melts and disappears in the body even if you do not want it. The fact that this condition is temporary presents the patient many advantages.

Since nose filling is not a surgical procedure, there is no age limit. Patients who are over 18 years old can undergo this operation easily. In patients under the age of 18 years, nose filling can be applied easily with the approval of mother and father. There is only one point to note here. That is, the patient has completed nose development. Because filling is not performed without the nose development is complete. When the nose has completed its development, the nose can recover by itself.

Nose filling procedure

The most appropriate solution for patients who do not need surgical intervention will be nasal filling, but the unevenness and findings in the nose are too deep, surgical intervention is essential, because with filling application, nose can be limitedly corrected. The next step is to undergo surgery. After filling is performed for the nose, botox can be used both for the nose and for different parts of the face. Botox can also be used to lift the tip of the nose. There is no harm in implementation it at the same time. As with every aesthetic intervention, there are some minor side effects. First of these is there are bruises forming in the filling area. These temporary bruises may not be present in every patient. But there are cases. Of course, it is a temporary process. After a while, it recovers by itself and the patient can return to his daily life. There is no pain when performing the procedure. There will be some prick feeling in the place where the needle will pass into, but this feeling is very little and not a great deal to suffer. Some of our patients do not want to experience this. In such cases, extra local anesthesia may be provided not to cause any pain in the patient. Nose filling prices vary depending on the type of nose and the amount of filler to be used for the nose. This can only be determined after an examination. Classical surgery is a more cost-effective procedure than operation. The cost is very low compared to the surgical method. But it is not possible to state a clear price without seeing your nose structure exactly. If you send us your nose shape via the Internet, you can easily learn the price of the nose filling procedure. functional problems of the nose such as concha cleaning and breathing cannot be resolved by nose filling. In fact, although some benefits are provided, this is not an effective result. Most of functional problems cannot be removed by filling because nose inside cannot be easily re-designed as in the surgical operation.